Glaucoma. The Optic Nerve Damage

Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve, leading to progressive loss of eyesight. It is often, but not always, associated with increased pressure of the fluid, called aqueous humor, inside the eye. Glaucoma is called the “silent thief of eyesight” because it is in most cases develops in early stages without noticeable … Read more

Cataract – Ways To Treat Cataract Naturally

What is a cataract? A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear crystalline lens of the eye. This prevents the lens from properly focusing light on the retina at the back of the eye, resulting in a loss of vision. A cataract is not a film that grows over the surface of the eye, … Read more

Improve Eyesight – Strengthen Eye Muscles With Dynamic Eye Exercises

The main position for this exercise is either standing or sitting, but it is important to straighten your back, roll the shoulders down and behind. Move your stomach in and your chest out. While you are standing in the newly learned perfect posture (or sitting) glance quickly to the most left position, then quickly glance … Read more

Eyeglasses – Good, Bad And The Ugly

When your eyesight is bad, corrective eyewear is a big help when doing some important daily activities that require your focus and precision, like driving, reading, etc. Most people take eyeglasses off only when they go to bed or take a shower. We wear them all the time. Do we need to? Do you know … Read more

Eye Acupressure

Eye Massage – Acupressure Let’s have a little break and boost some energy into your eye area. The best way will be the Shiatsu method which is also called Acupressure. ‘Shiatsu’ is Japanese for ‘pressuring by finger’. The force of massaging the finger is applied to the same dots that are used by Acupuncture. The … Read more

Face Lifting Exercises

These face exercises improve the blood flow to the eye region, strengthen upper and lower eyelids, make bags under the eyes smaller or entirely disappear. The skin that used to hang over your eyes tones and rises; eyebrows climb up, naturally pulling the skin and increasing eyes’ size. The appearance of your eyes becomes living … Read more

Improve Your Eyesight With Proper Food

Everybody knows that we should eat healthy food and we should eat in moderation. But we all have our own idea about what healthy food is, especially now with the food industry trying to throw in the labels some eye-catching words like “organic”, “probiotic”, “rich in fiber”, “whole grain”. Look at the ingredients, if that … Read more

Eye Food

Herbal Medicine Herbal medicine has been existing for centuries on every continent. I found out that there are a few types of berries that are very powerful in restoring microcirculation of blood in the eyes and the whole body, hence, they could be used to prevent and treat many eye problems. The first of them … Read more

Bilberry – Herbal Remedy For Eye Problems

Bilberry (Latin Vaccinium myrtillus) is also known by a wide range of different names. These include blaeberry, whortleberry, whinberry, winberry, wimberry, myrtle blueberry. In several European countries its name translates as “blueberry” and this may cause confusion with close relatives more usually known as “blueberry” in English. As purple fruit bilberry contains a high amount … Read more

Natural Treatment Of Eye Twitches

Eye twitching happens to most of us when it is least expected. For example, you are sitting somewhere at an important meeting having a conversation and one of your eyelids starts twitching. You get even more nervous, more twitching, everybody is looking at you and they feel uncomfortable too. In fact, this problem is so … Read more

Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight – Central Fixation

This set of two exercises is called Central Fixation and is inherited from yoga. Interestingly, yoga places these two exercises into the DEEP EYE RELAXATION category. Draw an imaginary horizontal line between your eyebrows (a mirror and a marker* can really help), then draw a vertical line up from your nose. If you are good with geometry … Read more

Eye Relaxation Techniques To Improve Eyesight

A long time ago the eyes of our Great-Great-Grand Parents were able to see all of the objects up to the line of a horizon. Unfortunately, our technological era of tall buildings, high density, TV’s and computers have tremendously limited this ability. And our eyes almost lost this greatest way of natural vision relaxation. We do … Read more

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