Improve Eyesight – Strengthen Eye Muscles With Dynamic Eye Exercises

The main position for this exercise is either standing or sitting, but it is important to straighten your back, roll the shoulders down and behind. Move your stomach in and your chest out.

While you are standing in the newly learned perfect posture (or sitting) glance quickly to the most left position, then quickly glance to the most right position and return back to the left. Repeat 7-8 times. Keep up the speed. Follow up with blinking.

Now eyes’ movements have to be started to form the most right position going to the left. Repeat 7-8 times. Make sure, you are doing absolutely straight lines. Follow up with blinking.

Now roll your eyes up to the sky (or ceiling) and quickly look down to your feet. And up and down and up again. Repeat 7-8 times. Your chin can not move during these types of movements. Now execute this differently – begin with checking out your feet first, then look up to the sky. Complete 7-8 straight lines and finish up with blinking.

Make the diagonal moves – begin with the top left corner and look down to the right down corner and then up to the left upper corner. After repeating it 7-8 times relax your eyes by blinking. Now repeat in the opposite direction. And again relax your eyes with blinking.

Make a different combination – the right top corner to the left bottom corner in both of the directions. Top it up with blinking.

Roll up your eyes to the upper right corner, and then quickly look down to the right bottom corner and up to the upper right corner again. Repeat 5-7 times and blink-blink-blink-blink. Repeat in the opposite direction – from the right bottom corner to the right upper corner and back to the right bottom. It is very important to make lines as straight as possible.

Let’s draw the line on the bottom: look at the bottom right corner (your right shoulder), glance over to the bottom left corner (your left shoulder), and back to the bottom right. Repeat a few times and finish up with blinking.

The next line will be on your left side – from the left bottom corner to the upper left. Proceed with the same technique, finish up with blinking

And the last one is an upper line – from the upper left corner to the upper right corner.

Little tip:

I try to make any routines to be interesting. In the case of the Dynamic set, I use objects that are located around my workplace. For example, for the right bottom corner, I would look at the phone that is on my desk. I would use the orchid’s flowers as a left upper corner. Just place different objects around you in the manner that will suit your own purpose and use the locations of these objects. Then change them around one day.

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