Natural Treatment Of Eye Twitches

Eye twitching happens to most of us when it is least expected. For example, you are sitting somewhere at an important meeting having a conversation and one of your eyelids starts twitching. You get even more nervous, more twitching, everybody is looking at you and they feel uncomfortable too. In fact, this problem is so common – other people in the meeting might get eye twitch after this. Or you are talking to a colleague of the opposite sex and here comes a twitch – he(she) might interpret it the wrong way.

There are thousands of situations where eye twitching would be absolutely inconvenient. But what is this eye twitching? What causes eyes to twitch?

If you think about you will be able to name most of the triggers.

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Computer eye strain (or any other eye strain)
  • Fatigue
  • Eye staring
  • Excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol
  • Eye injury/neurological problems

Most of us do not take eye twitches seriously until it begins affecting our life. This annoying condition does not seem to bother us much in the beginning, but what happens and what can you expect when eye twitching progresses? Usually, these are symptoms that your eye muscles are too tense all the time and you probably have other eye problems as a result of that. You need to treat this eye twitching disease in simple natural ways.

If you do not have any injuries associated with your upper face and you are not an alcoholic then it is pretty easy to work against other factors of eye twitching. Cut the amount of coffee to a maximum 1 cup a day and let’s take care of the other 3 eye twitching factors.

When you need to stare at something for a long time (like a computer screen or the presentation board, read the book, drive the car, etc…) remember to blink every 4-5 seconds. Make it a new habit of yours. This will not only treat your eye twitching but will also prevent you from another harmful eye disease called dry eye. Blinking will lubricate your eyes and relax your eye muscles which is the most important treatment for any type of eye twitching.

The second procedure that you will need to learn is called hard blinking. It restores blood flow to the eyes simultaneously. The only problem is that it is not suggested while you drive, but you can do it while you are waiting on the red signal. Close your eyes as tight as possible. Squeeze them as much as you can and then suddenly open up unexpectedly wide. Perform this type of blinking until the tears burst out of your eyes. Usually, 3-4 times are more than enough to stop any of the eye twitches.

If you experience really bad eye twitching and it happens more and more frequently you would have to think about more serious eye exercises and eye food at the same time. There are a few eye relaxation techniques that are easy to perform and do not take too much time. I would also suggest boosting your eye blood flow which will tremendously help with your eye twitching. There are certain berries that promote blood circulation in the smallest eye capillaries, they are bilberry and black current.

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