Improve Eyesight – Watching The Sun (Sungazing, Eye Sunning)

Most of us have a perception that sun rays are harmful to our body, that looking directly at the sun can damage our eyes. This is true for most people living in the city, who work inside all day with artificial lighting, exposed to the sun only during vacation or weekend, if you are lucky. And then, of course, getting sunburned. Did you ever notice vacationers on the beach? You can guess who just started vacation – they have a distinct bright pink color to their otherwise pale-white skin.

If you know people who spend most of their time outside in the sun, you know that they don’t have problems like sunburns, they don’t wear sunglasses (they don’t need them, their eyes get used to sunlight, they don’t squint on a bright day) and they have fewer eye problems. These people don’t get skin cancer, their skin, having constant exposure to sun, knows how to protect itself. The human eyes of our ancestors were conditioned to absorb sunlight without harm; we, through sun deficiency, lost that ability to look at the sun without experiencing pain.

Sungazing is one of the most powerful exercises to train your eyes and improve eyesight. For some people who practice sungazing it is a spiritual ritual, they meditate and get energy from the Sun. If you have never done it, the best time for sungazing is before sunset or during sunrise on a day when the sun is unobstructed by clouds. And you should increase your sessions gradually. It is the same as with sunbathing, exercising, or anything else – if you do too much you can harm yourself, but don’t be afraid of the Sun, this is not the mindset with which you do sungazing. Sun brings powerful energy to everything on Earth including humans, this energy can destroy if you are oblivious to it, but it can heal if used properly.

So, start with short sessions (described below) about 5-10 minutes and you will notice that you can do it longer and longer. Some people can look at the Sun for an hour or more because the sun gazes every day. My husband on a sunny day in winter when the ground is covered with snow and reflects sunlight couldn’t open his eyes even slightly, while I was walking beside with my eyes wide open.

Choose, if possible, a quiet place with a clear horizon towards the sunset or sunrise. If you live in the city, go to a ravine or a park and find the best spot. Stand or sit, your spine straight; cover up one of your eyes with your palm and watch the sun without blinking for as long as you can. You have to look right at the center of the sun and try to make the sun fill up the whole horizon in front of you. Relax your eyelids, your face, whole body. Observe the sun until tears are about to come out of your eye and it will be unbearable to continue watching. If it is painful to look at the sun directly start watching the space beside it moving your gaze closer while you progress.

Perform exactly the same procedure with another eye.

Try to do it every day, soon you will notice that you don’t squint on a sunny day, you don’t need sunglasses while driving towards the sun. You will be able to watch sunrise and sunset naturally without sunglasses for a long time.

P.S. Same rule applies for sunglasses as for eyeglasses – wear them only when you really need them.

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