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From -7 to seeing without glasses - how I improved my eyesight.

If you are here, then you have eye problems and poor eyesight.
I know how to start the process of improving eyesight in four days. All my knowledge and research is on this site, free for everybody to use. To read my personal story - continue reading on this page, to find out why eye exercises and eye relaxation, which is the core of the system, improve eyesight and solve eye problems including myopia, astigmatism, eye twitching, eye strain, cataract and more - go to Eye exercises and eye relaxation techniquies main page.

I was researching different ways to improve eyesight naturally because I got fed up with glasses, contacts, different solutions and surgery debating. The average eyeglasses wearer spends more than $1000 on eye gadgets every two years. When I calculated that I lost more than $12 000 I was shocked. Honestly, I became too tired of losing money and I still had the same bad eyesight.

And I decided to do LASIK surgery, but guess what? I found so many hidden facts that are not revealed to the general public.

I used to go to bed every night knowing that I always put my glasses in the reach of my hand. They were the first thing I would need in the morning. I was not able to walk without glasses even in my own house.

But one day everything changed.

By that time I was exercising my eyes for three months and I felt that I desperately need lower prescription for driving. I went to the optical store asking the optometrist to sell me the glasses with 1.5 diopters lower than my last prescription. As soon as the optometrist found out that I was doing eye exercises he started yelling at me for some reason explaining that these eye exercises may work only while I am doing them and I should not hope to improve eyesight permanently, that it will reverse back after I stop exercising my eyes.

I walked out being completely depressed thinking that all of the research that I have done to improve eyesight naturally was a waste of my time. But in three months I needed to do some curtain sewing and I noticed that I was doing it WITHOUT GLASSES!!!

This was me who could not even concentrate on the needle even with glasses on because of the high astigmatism and myopia. This was me who was not able to read a book without glasses. This was me with the stable eyesight improvement result that lasted even when I stopped eye exercises against all this optometrist’s explanations!

I took off my glasses completely and resumed my experiments. My colleagues were laughing at me measuring the distance from my nose to the computer monitor. Imagine their surprise when this distance started to grow! Needless to say the same people that were laughing at me started to ask advice on how to fix eyesight problems. They all saw how the changes were happening to me – I started to walk normally without glasses, my eyes cleared out, my face changed, my eye sockets widened, deep eye wrinkles and the bags under my eyes smoothed out, the redness of eyes disappeared, the colour of my eyes cleared, but most importantly my nose was not touching the monitor while I was working. I went from 2 inches from my nose to the monitor to 1 foot!

And then it all started. The emails were coming from everywhere with questions related to my method of improving eyesight. There were my colleagues, my friends, colleagues’ wifes, husbands, friends of friends and others that I do not even know.

I had to hurry and publish this book, because I was 8 month pregnant.

I could not keep this knowledge to myself only. Please, treat this website that I put together as my gift to you.


Jane Kabarguina

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Book on How to improve eyesight by Jane Kabarguina
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