Improve Eyesight – Strengthen Eye Muscles With Dynamic Eye Exercises

The main position for this exercise is either standing or sitting, but it is important to straighten your back, roll the shoulders down and behind. Move your stomach in and your chest out. While you are standing in the newly learned perfect posture (or sitting) glance quickly to the most left position, then quickly glance … Read more

Eye Acupressure

Eye Massage – Acupressure Let’s have a little break and boost some energy into your eye area. The best way will be the Shiatsu method which is also called Acupressure. ‘Shiatsu’ is Japanese for ‘pressuring by finger’. The force of massaging the finger is applied to the same dots that are used by Acupuncture. The … Read more

Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight – Central Fixation

This set of two exercises is called Central Fixation and is inherited from yoga. Interestingly, yoga places these two exercises into the DEEP EYE RELAXATION category. Draw an imaginary horizontal line between your eyebrows (a mirror and a marker* can really help), then draw a vertical line up from your nose. If you are good with geometry … Read more

Eye Relaxation Techniques To Improve Eyesight

A long time ago the eyes of our Great-Great-Grand Parents were able to see all of the objects up to the line of a horizon. Unfortunately, our technological era of tall buildings, high density, TV’s and computers have tremendously limited this ability. And our eyes almost lost this greatest way of natural vision relaxation. We do … Read more

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