Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight – Central Fixation

This set of two exercises is called Central Fixation and is inherited from yoga. Interestingly, yoga places these two exercises into the DEEP EYE RELAXATION category.

Draw an imaginary horizontal line between your eyebrows (a mirror and a marker* can really help), then draw a vertical line up from your nose. If you are good with geometry you will be able to find the point when these two lines will finally cross each other. The point of intersection will be slightly above the bridge of your nose. Then (this is the most difficult part) you have to fix your eyes on this spot and most important, try to keep your gaze in that position for a few seconds. If you succeed you will understand the phrase “broken eyes”. Some people can even meditate in that condition (I understand, that it is not the path that you are willing to take right now).

Either right away or later on, but you will notice that when you do this EYE EXERCISE suddenly all of the objects that are in the peripheral vision zone are seen much more clear with all of the little details on them.

Right in the beginning of the central eye fixation exercise, you will feel that your eyelids are closing down by themselves. This eye exercise also helps people that have issues with falling asleep.

If you still did not get scared and decided to continue eye exercising even after this relaxing procedure you will need to concentrate your vision on the other important spot – the tip of your nose (in yoga practice it is called NASAGRA-DRUSHTY)

Natural Eyesight Improvement-Eye Relaxation Always remember about the blinking (another eye relaxation technique!) that lubricates your eyes, cleanses them, and at the same time relaxes all of the muscles surrounding your eyes. Blinking is extremely important especially for the people that have to stare at closer objects for a long period of time (computer screens, TVs, etc…). If you are watching TV, use the commercials for blinking. Or, if you are working on the computer, perform a series of blinking whenever you are waiting on the next application to come up and then just shift your gaze for a second on the further object. Your eyes will gladly pay you back.

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