All the information on this site is for educational purposes. It is your own conscious choice to follow or not opinions expressed on the site. I am, Jane Kabarguina is not a licensed doctor and doesn’t possess a degree in any medical field. I am not offering any medical advice; information and products on this site are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

A slight departure from the topic…

Instead, I have many years of my own research on improving eyesight and fighting many eye problems without surgery and pills. I strongly believe that the human body can survive any disease and cure itself if it hasn’t tipped over the scale of no return yet and, most importantly, if the person has strong willpower to do so. I know people who had glaucoma, cataract, diabetes, brain tumor, prostate cancer. They all have their disease either cured, in remission or stopped progressing because these people took dramatic steps to change their lifestyle, eating habits, life priorities.
You might have heard from doctors words like “this is incurable” or “irreversible damage”. The right words would be “official medicine doesn’t have a cure” or more honest “I don’t know how to treat this” because body knows how and it will heal, given the chance – I witnessed it many times.

Back to boring stuff…


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