Improving Eyesight – Stretching Eye Exercises

In order to perform Stretching Eye Exercises, you have to hold a perfect posture.

Sit (or stand) straight, chin up, stomach in, chest out and shoulders down. Now you are ready to begin.

  1. Holding your head straight look to the most left side and try to keep your eyes in that position. Return your gaze back to look straight in front of you. Blink for a few seconds in order to relax your eyes. Repeat 2-3 times. Blink a few times.
  1. Look to the most right side and keep your eyes in that position the same time as you tried in the 1st stretching eye exercise. Repeat 2-3 times. Relax your eyes with blinking.
  1. Look up and hold, return the gaze back to the original position, repeat 2-3 times. Follow up with blinking
  1. Look down and hold, return the gaze back, repeat 2-3 times. Do not forget about blinking.
  1. I hope, you realize that if it is called ‘EYE EXERCISES’ you need to move your eyes only and not your head!

Now turn your head back into the original position (when I was talking about posture, stomach, shoulders, etc  …). Keep up the same posture. Let’s continue: look at the right top corner, hold your gaze there. Return it back. Repeat 2-3 times.

  1. The next position for the eyes is the right bottom corner. Before you realize where it is you have to recall about blinking!

And the right bottom corner will be your right shoulder. Fix your eyes in that direction without moving your head. Hold your eyesight in that pose for a while and look straight ahead again. Repeat 2-3 times and blink.

  1. Still trying to keep your head straight, look down to the bottom left –at your left shoulder. Try to fixate the eye position there, and then look straight ahead again. Do not forget about blinking.
  1. The only unused corner is the upper left one, somewhere above your left temple. Try to concentrate and do exactly the same routine as for all of the other corners. What do I have to repeat once again? Blink-blink-blink!

Let’s end the stretching part of EYE EXERCISES with some fun stuff! Look around yourself and find one object that is small enough in order to pretend that it is a black dot. Start staring at that dot and at the same time turn your head to the right side as much as you can keeping your eyes fixed on that dot. Now slowly move your head to the left side and still keep your attention on the same dot.

Let’s blink and continue the fun by trying to reach your nose with your chin. Lift it up, up, up! You forgot to keep your eyes fixed on that imaginary dot! Try again, but this time everything has to be done properly. When you realize, that you can not reach your nose with your chin, try to do that in the backward procedure – reach your chin with your nose (do not forget about that dot! Keep your gaze on the dot), bend your head down.

There are no strict rules about this eye exercise – you can simply move your head in any direction you want to, just keep your gaze on the same dot. End it up with blinking to relax your eyes.

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