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Eye Exercises and Eye Relaxation Exercises - How to start.

Why Eye exercises, why eye relaxation?

Opinion of modern medicine is that accomodation (process by which the eye changes optical power to maintain a focus on an object as its distance changes) is done by contraction and relaxation of ciliary muscle which applies pressure on the lens to change it's form, hence refraction angle. But experiments in this area proved that lens is not the main factor in accomodation, for instance experiments with patients where lens have been damaged and removed - they still have ability to focus. The process is working the same way as in a camera - by changing the length of the visual organ. This achieved by extraocular muscles - six muscles that also control the movements of the eye, ability of the lens to focus though has auxiliary function of correction. Thus, eye problems related to anomaly in refraction, like myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism etc., are not related to any organic changes inside the eye or lens, but rather with malfunction of eye muscles which could be cured by strengthening or relaxing certain eye muscles.

The conditions for these eye exercises are very simple:

  • ALL EYE EXERCISES to be performed regularly - 4 or 5 times a week.
  • There has to be break for 2-3 days
  • The glasses\contact lenses have to be taken off except when they are REALLY needed
  • You have to be in a good mood before you start doing ANY EYE EXERCISES.

Simply perform all of the sets of eye exercises in the order of their appearance in the contents of this NATURAL EYESIGHT IMPROVEMENT tour and already in 2-3 days you will see the effect that I call binocular effect that shows that your vision is shifting and the process of improving eyesight is started. To find out dos and don'ts of eye exercises read this article.

Eye exercises - Contents

Eye Relaxation Techniques

Fixation Eye Exercises

Stretching Eye Exercises

Strengthen Eye Muscles - Rolling Movements

Palming – Deep Eye Relaxation

Eye Acupressure – Boost Energy into Your Eyes and Remove Eye Strain at the same time

Dynamic Set

Watching the Sun – Returning Liveliness to Your Eyes and Stimulating with Sun Power

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