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Face Lifting Exercises

These face exercises improve the blood flow to the eye region, strengthen upper and lower eyelids, make bags under the eyes smaller or entirely disappear. The skin that used to hang over your eyes tones and rises; eyebrows climb up, naturally pulling the skin and increasing eyes’ size. The appearance of your eyes becomes living and attractive.

Place your middle fingers between the eyebrows above the bridge of your nose, and locate index fingers in the external corners of your eyes. Strain lower eyelids and pull them upward. You have to feel how an external eye muscles pulsating under your fingers. Strain muscles even more, and then relax.

Eyelid Lifting Exercises - step 1

Repeat this exercise 10 times concentrating your attention on an external eye muscles. After you completed 10th time do not relax lower eyelid muscles, but close your eyes and count to 40 still concentrating your attention on external eye muscles. Do not relax while you count.

For the first 3 weeks this exercise has to be performed at least 2 times a day. If the bags under your eyes are really big than consider performing this exercise 3 times a day.

If you are in a hurry in the morning and absolutely have no time to complete the exercise, make just two repeats and only then apply your makeup. The appearance of your eyes will be much better.

Place two or three fingers on the bone that is located right below your eyes, gaze upwards and squint your bottom eyelids. Do not help yourself with your fingers, there are only eye muscles involved.

Eyelid Lifting Exercises - step 2

Repeat 10 times

Perform the same exercise with closed eyes gazing upward. Repeat 10 times

Eyelid Lifting Exercises - step 3

And now we can repeat this exercise again while bending your head down.

End up with the EYE RELAXING Exercise that is called Palming

Firming upper eyelids

Place your index fingers on your forehead right above eyebrows and move them down with (fingers with eyebrows). Try to pull up your eyebrows to original position while your fingers would resist to do so. Relax all of your face muscles.

Eyelid Lifting Exercises - Firming upper eyelids

Repeat 10 times

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