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Eye Care | eye strain relief - make your eyes beautiful in 5 minutes

Despite all the precautions that you take your eyes may still hurt from exercises. That proves only the fact that your eye muscles started to work and you still did not learn how to relax them!

Here are some more techniques that you can use to either calm the pain down or to prevent its appearance:

Contrast eye bathing

This is the most powerful and the best in eyestrain relieving method

Eye Relaxation ( and is also count as Eye Relaxation Techinque).

I simplified this procedure to the bare minimum. When I feel that my upper eye lids are puffy and the skin that is under my eyebrows is hanging over my eyes I grab one piece of ice (any size) and stand beside sink filled with hot water (just make sure that the water is bearable temperature). Rub the ice against the other hand to ensure that it won’t stick to your skin and then make a few circles over your closed eyes with that piece of ice. Then right away splash your closed eyes with the hot water (careful though! Do not boil your eyes, you may still need them!). Repeat it 7-8 times and all of the puffiness will be gone. This procedure can also be used for the women when they urgently need to prepare for a party.

Eye Relaxation - Contrast eye bathing

If you are somewhere at work, just splash your eyes with very cold water a few times. Finish up with the Acupressure procedure.

Tea pads

Eye Relaxation - Black tea

I hope, you have loose tea leaves in your house. I, personally, prefer black tea (without any additives and flavors) for this procedure. Make very strong tea (1 teaspoon on ¼ of a glass hot water), steep it for 3-5 minutes and strain. Put your hot tea either outside or into the fridge for a few minutes. Soak cotton pads in that tea, lie down on the bed (floor, sofa) without a pillow and place those soaked tea pads on your closed upper eyelids. The temperature of the tea is totally individual preference. Experiment with applying warm or cold tea soaked cotton pads on your eyes and find out what is the most comfortable temperature for you. The best timing for this procedure is 15-20 minutes.

Eye beauty secrets

Take a look at some secrets that make eyes look more beautiful and less tired

The quickest and the most accessible way to make your eyes look and feel better at any time and place is again the massage of the acupressure dots.

In the morning, when you are about to wash your face get some water into your mouth and splash ice-cold water into your face. Perform this procedure any time when you want your eyes to look instantly better.

Eye Beauty - CucumberIf you got puffy eyes for some reason (staring at your monitor at work, watching too much TV) use either Contrast eye bathing described above or simply cut 2 slices of cucumber (better be organic) and place them for 15-20 on your closed eyes while you are lying down without a pillow. Cucumber has natural ingredients to moisture the skin.

If you want your eyelashes to be long, rich and shiny just apply a drop of burr oil at least twice a week and the results will be seen already in a month! Make sure that there are no any traces of cosmetic products on your eyelashes and your eyelids when you put the oil on.

In order to make your eyes shine you have to work a little bit harder. There are a few stages to achieve that effect. First – massage all of your fingers from their tips to the base paying special attention to the smallest ones – pinkies. Then perform Acupressure massage as I described in the Acupressure Chapter. When you finished with the massage go ahead to the final stage that I call ‘hard blinking’ (that is also considered as

Eye Relaxation technique - Close your eyes as tight as possible squeeze them as much as you can and then suddenly open up unexpectedly wide. Execute this type of blinking until the tears bust out of your eyes. As soon as this happens you may count your goal achieved.

You also can use another trick - fill the sink with cold water and try to blink while your face is down in the water. The blood circulation tremendously speeds up inside of little eye blood vessels at this moment, so, please, do not get scared when you look at yourself in the mirror right at the end of this procedure.

Learn some natural eyelid lifting exercises

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