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Eye Exercises - DOs and DON’Ts


  • Never start your eye exercises when you are not in a good mood
  • Do not exercise your eyes if you have immediate health problem like any kind of injuries or cold
  • Do not exercise your eyes if you are pregnant or breastfeeding – your body is dedicated to the sacred process which must not be interfered even by healing processes.
  • Do not underestimate Eye Relaxation Techniques
  • Do not change the order of different sets of Eye Exercises. There is the reason why they are placed in the certain order
  • Do not exercise your eyes every single day
  • Do not listen to the negative opinionated people. They never went through what you are doing now. Their opinion has no value to you
  • Do not expect anything right away, your vision does change if you have chosen the right program and the changes will not be noticeable because they happen little by little. You will not even notice that in already one week your eyes are not tired while working on the computer. You will not even notice that you do not suffer from dry eye syndrome any longer. You will not notice that your headaches are either completely gone or are less severe than before. We get used to the good stuff too quickly and do not notice these kinds of changes. We notice only bad changes. This is just the way that we are.


  • Perform water procedures for your eyes whenever it is possible, even during your washroom breaks try to splash water into your eyes. They will appreciate it
  • Do make 2-3 days of break from eye exercises
  • Do change your glasses on the lower prescription ones
  • Do take your glasses off whenever it is possible
  • Do learn Relaxation Eye Exercises until some of them become your second nature
  • Do stretch your spine and other joints
  • Include improving eyesight nutrition and herbal medicine into your every day diet.
  • Do smile and thank for the compliments that some strangers in the crowd would start giving to you in just about a month after starting exercising your eyes.

Good luck to you and do not hesitate to ask your questions

Book on How to improve eyesight by Jane Kabarguina
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